Indiana Soccer Hall of Fame

Honoring individuals. Promoting sport.

The Indiana Soccer Hall of Fame was established in 1992 with the induction of Herman Hartman, Allen Katner and Nick Matavuli.

The Hall of Fame “belongs” to the Indiana soccer community and not to any one organization or group of individuals.  It honors individuals whose outstanding achievements and significant accomplishments have had a long lasting effect upon the sport of soccer in Indiana and merit the highest recognition.

As an organization, the goals of the Hall of Fame are to:
  • To promote the sport of soccer to both the soccer community and to the general public.
  • To honor those who contributed to the growth of soccer in Indiana.
  • To provide future generations with exemplary citizenship role models.
  • To build and bring public attention to the sport of soccer.

To be eligible for induction into the Indiana Soccer Hall of Fame, candidates must demonstrate outstanding or lifetime acheivement.








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